John Overstreet House

The John Overstreet House (circa mid-1860's), a two-story farm dwelling constructed of native heart pine. A typical pioneer era facility complete with dog-trot connecting it to the kitchen and with appropriate furnishing.

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Mabel Jordan Building

Mabel Jordan Barn

The bright red Mabel Jordan Barn, (built in 1987), houses collections of early farm equipment, vintage buggies and carriages.The barn now house 1946 Chevy Firetruck donated to us by Dade City along with the 1921 LaFrance Firetruck


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Main Building

The two newer buildings are the Main Museum Building (1975). The main building houses a variety of collections; medical, Indian artifacts, dolls and toys, textiles (clothing, quilts, linens, etc.), laundry equipment, bottles and jars, pottery, shoe lasts, hats and umbrellas. These and numerous other items all combine to give a feeling of nostalgia and a sense an of pride in Florida's pioneer heritage.

Mus entrance
dentist office


J.L. Bromley Shoe Repair

 J.L. Bromley Shoe Repair was donated to the Pioneer Florida Museum by Mrs .Pearl Bromley. It was originally located at the corner of Pasco and 8th Streets in Downtown Dade City.
John Lewis (Jack) Bromley came to Dade City from Kansas in 1913. He was a gifted shoemaker. After getting his wife
Minnie and son Fred settled in their home on Fort King Road, he opened his shoe repair business which he operated until poor health closed it's doors in 1930. At that time the shop was moved to the Fred Bromley property on Pasadena Road.

It remained there until acquired by the Museum in the summer of 1990. Many area residents will remember the late Fred Bromley, who operated a watch repair business in Zephyrhills for 42 years.


Enterprise Church

Enterprise Church: This was built in 1878. The original structure was built by local residents and replaced in 1903 at the cost of $500.00. In 1977 the church was moved to the Museum to preserve. Wedding are still performed at the Church. This is a beautiful setting anytime of the year..

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