If you would like to donate any of the listed items, please drop them off at the front desk or call 352-567-0262 or email curator@pioneerfloridamuseum.org for assistance.

  • Volunteer Workshop Teachers 
  • Volunteer Docents or Tour Guides for tours and events (training provided)
  • Mannequins 
  • Coolers - all sizes needed 
  • Large Bags of Bird Seed (for an art project)
  • Pine Cones (art project)
  • Creamy Peanut Butter (art project) 
  • Children's Markers   
  • Halloween type candy for the Scarecrow Festival Game Prizes. Looking for lollipops, skittles, smarties, bottlecaps, starburst type candies, individually wrapped. No gum, peanuts or chocolate, please.


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