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We are looking for retail and craft vendors, businesses, produce, plants, vintage, farm house, etc. We prefer unique vendors. Outdoor events!

  • Credit Card Payment required
  • Most events $45 + tax for non-food vendors (per 10 X 12' space)
  • Most events $65 + tax for food vendors (per 10 X 12' space)
  • Non-profits (no charge), must show proof of nonprofit status, Informational purposes or promotional items only. May not collect money or sell anything.

(No political groups, please.)



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 Event and Festival Vendors at the Pioneer Florida Museum

Please make sure you list your Vendor Name and event(s) at check out so you are properly credited. Thank you. 

If you have any difficulty clicking in the white boxes below, there are also blue links above each box you may use.

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Regular NON-FOOD VENDOR $45.00 + Tax =$48.15 



FOOD VENDOR $65 + tax = $69.55


Electricity (usually not in the most desired spaces) $20


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Food Vendors:

The following Items are NOT permitted: Burgers, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, grilled chicken, pulled pork, yellow rice and black beans, boiled peanuts or onion rings or french fries (unless fries are part of a meal).

The museum concession stand prepares these items at most events.

NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you for your understanding.

FOOD VENDORS and CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES (pony rides, bounce house, rock climbing, etc.): Please list the Pioneer Florida Museum as an additional insured on your liability insurance and send to the Pioneer Florida Museum 15602 Pioneer Museum Rd. , Dade City, FL 33523 or prior to the event.



1. SET UP begins 2 hours prior to the event start time. Please call the museum 352-567-0262 to make arrangements, prior to the event, if you need more time for set up or if you would like to set up the day before. (The museum is not responsible for items left overnight.)  

2. Please check in at GATE 2, just past the main gate for your space #.

3. Please pull over near your space to unload, then immediately move your vehicle to our VENDOR PARKING LOT, just outside Gate 4. Please do not block the driveway.

4. For the SAFETY of our guests, all vehicles must be moved out of the event area 30 minutes prior to event start time and NO VEHICLES WILL BE LET BACK IN THE GATE UNTIL THE EVENT HAS ENDED AND MOST GUESTS ARE GONE (USUALLY 30 MINUTES AFTER THE EVENT ENDING TIME). Please plan accordingly. We appreciate your patience. If you manage to get your vehicle inside the gate before the event coordinator or museum staff are allowing vehicles in, you will not be allowed to return to another event at the museum. The safety of our guests is our top priority. We will notify you if we plan to let vendors bring in vehicles early.

Please take CDC recommended precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other germs.

5. When the event ends and guests clear out, you will be able to drive to Gate 4 and exit through Gate 2. You must be off the museum grounds within 2 hours of the event ending. Additional vendor charge of $25 per hour, if you stay longer than 2 hours to pack up, for employee overtime. If you think you will need more time, arrangements need to be made in advance. Pioneer Florida Museum 352-567-0262

6. RESTROOMS are located in the Main building, Mabel Jordan Barn, behind the C.C. Smith General Store and back porch of the History Center

7. LOST AND FOUND AND FIRST AID KIT - front desk in the main building.

8. The museum has a CONCESSION STAND next to the Enterprise Church.

9. Just a reminder, there are NO REFUNDS for cancellations, no shows, or late arrivals. The ONLY refunds that will be given are if the museum cancels the event.

10. Please "Like" us on FACEBOOK, for event updates. Please share the event!

11. If you need special accommodation or primitive camping overnight, please contact us prior to the event. There is a small fee.

12. ADDITIONAL FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - There are fire extinguishers located in every building.


13. No outside alcohol permitted.


14. Please NO SMOKING and NO PETS on the museum grounds. Smoking in vendor parking lot, only. TRAINED SERVICE ANIMALS ONLY, PLEASE - “Service animal” means an animal that is trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. Thank you for your consideration.


15. Please remove VENDOR TRASH and boxes. There is a dumpster in front of vendor parking, if that one is full there is also usually another dumpster or blue trash trailer parked near the back Gate (gate 4). Please put your trash in our dumpsters or take it with you. Do not fill our event garbage cans or leave bags and boxes on the grounds. We don't want to block you from coming to our events, but if we have to pick up your trash, we will.


16. Secure your valuables at all times.



THANK YOU for your cooperation! We appreciate our great vendors!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the museum.  

Pioneer Florida Museum and Village
15602 Pioneer Museum Road ● Dade City, Florida 33523
Mailing address: P.O. Box 335 ● Dade City, Florida 33526 ● PH: 352-567-0262 ● non-profit 501(c)3

"These events are fundraisers for our non-profit museum. The museum relies on this revenue to maintain our collections, to operate and provide educational field trips to students. The Pioneer Florida Museum is grateful for your participation and your support of our museum and community."  - Stephanie Black, Executive Director, email:

The Pioneer Florida Museum Gift Shop is open Tuesday thru Saturday during regular museum hours.  Visitors are welcomed by an exciting variety of old fashioned children's toys, commemorative souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats and mugs, as well as novelty candies and a collection of unique Florida inspired books. 

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